Sprinkler Winterization – Denver, CO

Denver can get some pretty harsh winters which causes things to freeze up and possibly burst. Sprinkler systems do just so unless properly cared for. Automatic sprinkler systems need to be blown out each winter to prevent pipes from freezing. Fortunately, a sprinkler system installed with Aqua Corporation never has to be blown out. For a hassle-free underground sprinkler system, have Aqua Corporation install it for you!

Sprinkler Blowout

To protect your sprinkler system, you need to have the pipes blown out and the system turned off before it has potential to freeze. Sprinkler blowouts free the pipes up of water to prevent freezing during the winter months.

Old sprinkler systems need to be blown out prior to the winter months and then turned back on again in the spring. New sprinkler systems installed by Aqua Corporation, do not have to annually be blown out which means you never have to worry about scheduling another winter blowout. Winter blowouts are made easier with the ability to do it yourself. The process is simple. One of our technicians can guide you through how to shut off the system and drain it yourself. Worried that not all the water will get blown out? All of our automatic sprinkler systems come standard with a pipe that expands if it freezes and there is still water held within.

Sprinkler Turn On

Living in the Denver area, you know that there will be a winter no matter what but just how long will it last is the real question. With the unpredictable weather, how do you know when it is safe to turn on your Denver homes sprinkler system? Usually we recommend having your sprinklers turned on anytime between mid-April to mid-May. Turning on underground sprinkler systems too early ends up damaging the sprinkler system. It can result in backflow, freezing and serious pipe damage.

When turning on the system for the first time since winter, be sure to carefully inspect all sprinkler heads and readjust as needed. Over the winter months, things could have gotten locked up and need to be reset according to where proper water coverage is needed.

Service ALL Types of Sprinkler Systems

Aqua Corporation can service any type of automatic sprinkler system. Whether it was installed by us or some other company, we can do a winter blowout and spring turn on. To avoid costly repairs down the road, contact Aqua Corporation for advice on how to properly blow out your current sprinkler system or do a spring turn on. Aqua Corporation is more than happy to assist you in doing so to prevent possible damage that could be done.

For sprinkler winterization blowouts or spring turn on service, contact Aqua Corporation in Denver. We have over 50 years of experience directly working with underground sprinkler systems.

Call us today for more information on how you can easily turn on and off your sprinkler system.