Sprinkler Water Pressure - Denver, CO

Maintaining the correct sprinkler water pressure throughout the year can be tough. If a storm rolls through and you lose power, perhaps your sprinkler system settings got off and you are watering during peak usage times. Sprinkler water pressure can either be too low, causing dry areas over unreached areas or can cause the sprinkler heads not to come up at all. If the sprinkler water pressure is too high, it may cause overshooting desired areas or cause the rotors to rotate too fast. 

Low Water Pressure Issues

 Low water pressure issues can happen for a couple reasons:

– The backflow preventer valves may not be open all the way. The backflow preventer has two valves: one horizontal, and one vertical. Both valves should be open all the way (Handles parallel with the valve). If the valves are closed (or partially closed) it will restrict water flow to the sprinkler system.

– The shut-off valve or main water valve is not open all the way. If you recently turned the water main water supply to your house, make sure that the main water valve to your sprinkler system is open all the way. If there has been work on the municipal water supply or if the municipal water supply was turned off, you may need to call your water company a call. 

– There may be a break or leak in the water line. If there has been any digging by a service provider or any digging by you or a contractor to install any kind of fencing or any other sharp object, the line may have been cut and will need to be repaired. 

– There may be an obstruction in the water line. If the problem area has been identified but there is no leak, there may an obstruction in the line. Roots and any shrubs near the water line can cause issues. Roots can wrap themselves around water lines, eventually squeezing them shut over time. Over time water lines can become old and damaged. It is important to keep in mind the age of the water lines that are connected to the sprinkler system. 

– The sprinkler heads are clogged or dirty. Clogged or dirty heads can cause low water pressure. They may not pop up all the way or trickle water out. 

– Changing backflow preventers from a pressure type to a reduced pressure type will decrease the water pressure in the sprinkler system.

– Most homes have a pressure reducing valve close to where the water comes into the house. PRV’s can adjust over time and always adjust to a lower pressure.

High Water Pressure Issues

Too much pressure in a sprinkler system causes misting and water waste. Installing valves with flow controls and/or pressure regulators can control the pressure on each zone. We also now have heads with pressure regulation built in.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

The pressure vacuum breaker is a very important element of sprinkler systems. The pressure vacuum breaker provides protection against backflow of water from the sprinkler system to your home’s fresh water supply or drinking water. The pressure vacuum breaker prevents contamination of the water supply since there is usually only one water system for both household use, including drinking water and for the sprinkler system.

If the municipal water supply was interrupted in any way, for any reason, it could result in negative pressure and could cause water to flow backward in the pipes. Backflow can cause water to be pulled from the sprinkler system and into household fixtures. 
Vacuum breakers are usually located outside next to an exterior wall. Pressure Vacuum breakers can also be located inside in the basement or crawl space near the shutoff for the sprinkler system.

If you are experiencing any of these things, give Aqua Corporation in Denver a call. We can troubleshoot and repair all sprinkler system maintenance issues. Whether it be a broken sprinkler head or the water pressure is set wrong, count on Aqua Corporation for all sprinkler system maintenance services.