Sprinkler System Installation – Denver, CO

An automatic sprinkler installation makes watering your Denver homes lawn a breeze. Aqua Sprinkler designs a custom sprinkler system design that will work with the layout of the lawn, properly drain, and reach all areas of the yard that need to be watered while utilizing water efficiency to the maximum potential.

Aqua Sprinkler is committed to helping you maintain your Denver homes lawn while utilizing water efficiently. Get a water efficient, low maintenance irrigation system installed with us today! Your lawn will thank you later.

Low Maintenance Sprinkler System

Here at Aqua Sprinkler, we install and service all major brands including Hunter, Rain Bird and Weathermatic sprinkler systems. With a new system installation done by us, you can rest easy knowing that you are not only getting a top of the line system but also a low maintenance sprinkler system and energy efficient one too.

Our systems require little to no maintenance. Every year, right before winter hits Denver, sprinklers call for their annual winter blow out. Aqua Sprinkler irrigation systems DO NOT require a blowout. In fact, Aqua Sprinkler sprinkler systems can be winterized by the homeowner; no need to call and schedule a service call with one of our technicians.

Having Water Pressure Issues?

Perhaps you are unsure if all the water has been blown out of the pipes? Luckily with our irrigation systems, our pipes have the capability to expand if water is left in them so when the ground freezes, the sprinkler pipes won’t burst like a regular pvc pipe. All our sprinkler lines, unlike pvc pipe, have a lifetime warranty which means you never have to worry about them during the long winters Denver has.

Eliminate two worries with one sprinkler installation done by Aqua Sprinkler. Never have to worry about blowing out the pipes in the winter and never have to worry about remembering to water your lawn. Our automatic sprinkler systems do both for you!

Installation Process

A sprinkler system design is drawn out with your lawns layout in mind. We take into account all areas of the yard or landscaping that need to have some irrigation and design the most water efficient system we can. During the installation process, our crew inspects your lawn to make sure there is proper drainage. If the lawn does not have proper drainage in place, we will recommend how that can be fixed prior to beginning any work. We don’t want your lawn drowning from sprinkler heads and systems installed by our crew. We will work with you, the homeowner, in taking the right steps to ensure your lawn will drain accordingly.

Quality Sprinklers

An automatic sprinkler system allows your Denver lawn to stay green throughout the spring and summer months. With a sprinkler system installed by Aqua Sprinkler, you can will rest easy knowing that your lawn is fully covered when it comes to being watered and is getting the correct amount of water across the yard. We work with you to design the system that you want to see implemented on your homes lawn. Aqua Sprinkler installs top of the line sprinkler systems like Hunter, Rain Bird and Weathermatic. All our systems are backed with manufacturer warranties. For a FREE estimate on a new sprinkler head and system installation, contact Aqua Sprinkler in Denver, Colorado. We have been installing sprinkler heads and systems for over 50 years. Each project is unique and no two home sprinkler system designs are ever the same. Our professionals will take care of your sprinkler head and system design from start to finish. Get a FREE estimate on any NEW sprinkler system installation project with Aqua Sprinkler! We also provide discounts for seniors on new system installations. Install a sprinkler system with us today! 

Call Aqua Sprinkler today to set up an irrigation system on your Denver homes property. Your lawn will thank you later.