Lawn sprinkler maintenance is an often overlooked part of home maintenance. Without proper sprinkler service your home lawn can miss out on a key resource for your grass. In places like Denver, CO, the weather may not always suit your needs especially in a harsh cold or hot climate.

What Needs to Be Done For My Sprinkler System?

There are a few key tasks that everyone should be doing to ensure the health of their sprinkler system in Denver, CO. Some tasks are menial done very easily, but some may require a lawn sprinkler maintenance company.

Lawn Sprinkler Head Maintenance

One of the most overlooked parts of sprinkler maintenance involves the heads themselves, rather than the pipes leading to them. Cleaning your sprinkler heads can make sure the system is functioning properly, but also improve the efficiency of your system. Sprinkler head cleaning is very easy and annually done. This ensures that there are no clogs and damaged heads damaging your system.

Lawn Sprinkler Pipes and Valves

Another important tip regarding lawn sprinkler maintenance is the repairing and service of the valves and pipes. Pipes and valves carry water throughout your lawn sprinkler system and are vital to the efficiency of your system. Differing water pressure throughout your lawn can be a sign of a valve problem. It is important to check valves for damages such as cracks in each valve. Faulty pipes can also show the same symptoms of inconsistent water irrigation and pressure throughout the lawn.

These issues are important to the health of your lawn sprinkler system but can be a hassle to handle by yourself. However, these problems can be solved by a lawn sprinkler installation company in Denver, CO. We at Aqua Corporation are experts in lawn sprinkler service and maintenance and would love to come up with a plan for regular maintenance and service in Denver.

For any questions about scheduling lawn sprinkler maintenance and service in Denver, CO, call Aqua Corporation today!