Having an efficient sprinkler system isn’t just healthy for your grass, the environment and your neighborhood, but it’s also healthy for your wallet. More than ever, the world is becoming more cautious of their water waste. Luckily, at Aqua Corporation, we offer efficient sprinkler installation and sprinkler replacements so that you can keep your lawn green and thriving, while saving more water and keeping more money in your pocket.

We supply many lawn sprinkler conservation products, including our drip irrigation, rain monitors, fixed nozzles, and rotor sprinklers. All of these lawn sprinkler products help to conserve water, leading to less waste and no over-watering your lawn. The experts at Aqua Corporation will service your sprinkler installation or sprinkler replacement, and get you started on the road to water conservation.

Waste Less Water with a Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems are much more water efficient than regular spray sprinkler systems. With regular sprinkler systems, 30% to 50% of water is lost or evaporated. That means you could be wasting up to half of your water bill because of inefficient sprinkler systems. Let Aqua Corporation offer our sprinkler replacement and sprinkler installation services to install an efficient drip irrigation system. Drip Irrigation systems slowly water your plants and shrubs, ensuring they get the exact amount of water they need, with little to zero water wasted.

Be Proactive with a Weather Monitor

Rain monitors, or weather monitors, help determine the moisture level within your lawn and the outside temperature and controls your lawn sprinkler system accordingly. Don’t waste water by letting your irrigation system run during a storm, or when the weather is below freezing. The professionals at Aqua Corporation can help with your weather monitor installations.

Have More Control with a Fixed Nozzle

Fixed nozzles don’t move, unlike traditional lawn sprinkler systems. This gives you more control over exactly what area your irrigation system will water. Fixed nozzles are perfect for irregular or small shaped lawns and gardens. Less water is wasted, and you save more money in your pocket. Aqua

Corporation offers sprinkler replacement and sprinkler installation services to install your fixed nozzle sprinkler heads fast and effectively.

If you’re interested in switching to an efficient lawn sprinkler system, contact the professionals at Aqua Corporation today!