Sprinkler Weather Monitor – Denver, CO

You can’t control the weather but you can control your Denver homes underground sprinkler system. Perhaps you have your sprinklers set to run every other morning at 5 am before you get up and begin your day. But what if it happens to be raining creating no need for early morning irrigation? That’s when a weather monitor or rain sensor from Aqua Corporation comes into play.

A weather monitor monitors how long your sprinkler system will run based on the weather on your property. Not the weather for the Denver area, but specifically how much water you are getting on your home’s property. Depending on the setting you have your sensor set to, the sprinkler system will shut itself off and not run that day if enough rainfall occurred to shut off the sprinkler system. This not only saves your yard from drowning but also helps conserve and save on sprinkler water usage.

A rain sensor measures the amount of rain that has fallen and has the capability of shut off the watering cycle to your property needs based on weather conditions. These are set to how much rain you feel is too much accumulated preventing the system from running. An adjustable side vent allows the sensor to dry out.

Weather monitors for sprinkler systems help not only conserve water but also protect the soil and plants on and around the property. To get started on saving your Denver lawn, contact Aqua Sprinkler. We have been installing water saving sprinkler systems for over 50 years. All of our crew is professionally trained and know the best practices to ensure that you are conserving water but efficiently spreading it across your lawn.

For a free estimate on a new weather monitor sprinkler system installation, call Aqua Sprinkler.