Water Conservation – Denver

Homeowners are starting to conserve water more and more. That is why at Aqua Sprinkler, we install only the best sprinkler suited for your Denver homes type of soil and land. When choosing an underground sprinkler system in Denver, consider choosing one that fully covers all areas of the lawn that need to be watered. Let a professional from Aqua Sprinkler come out and install the right underground sprinkler system for you.

Ways to help you save water and money

Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems are one of the best sprinkler systems from trees, shrubs, and groundcovers. With a drip system, little to no water is lost to evaporation as the water is delivered directly to the roots. It is also one of the most efficient ways to irrigate a lawn and shrubs. Water is applied slowly to the soil allowing it time to absorb the water rather than having it runoff and become wasted.

Rain Monitor

Rain monitors do just as their name says. They monitor how much water your property is getting and have the ability to shut off when the yard is getting too much water. This helps the homeowner rest easy knowing that they don’t have to constantly be watching the weather to watch and make sure their sprinkler system isn’t running during a rainstorm. Depending on the amount of rainfall, a wireless rain sensor automatically turns off and on the system. This ensures you won’t be paying for water when mother nature is doing it for you!

Sprinkler Water Conservation Options

Here at Aqua Sprinkler, we can customize a drip irrigation system to fit your Denver property’s needs. Whether you need it to spread across a large groundcover or just cover a small front yard flower bed, we make sure the proper irrigation system is installed. We have been installing and servicing drip irrigation systems, fixed spray nozzles, and rotor sprinklers for over 50 years. Our crew knows that saving some green is what every homeowner wants to do to make their lawn green.

For homeowners who are trying to conserve on water, a drip system is the ideal sprinkler system as it goes right to the root. It uses a fraction of what an overhead spray device uses. Saving YOU more green while making your lawn green! However, if you are in need of a sprinkler system that will cover a large area of land, a rotor sprinkler would be ideal.

Let Aqua Sprinkler help you conserve water better with a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems not only help conserve water, they also help your plants retain and get water better as the water is being directly transferred to the roots rather than evaporating in the air.

For more information on how a drip irrigation system can help your Denver homes plants and yard, call Aqua Sprinkler.